Master in Business Informatics


International Master in Business Informatics (IMBI) is a programme that combines learning and application of knowledge and skills and IT. This programme is designed for students aimed to acquire broad understanding of information systems and their role in business environment and want to develop an interdisciplinary approach to management of IT projects that will prepare them for a successful career.

Since IMBI is fully taught in English and all the tools and editors used are up-to-date products of the most renowned companies, the completion of the study enables a great career in the field of business informatics in public and private sector, international organizations, as well as in academia. This program also provides the excellent foundations for those who want to pursue doctoral studies, either in Serbia or at the top foreign universities abroad.


DURATION:Route A: 2 semesters (60 ECTS) – for candidates with bachelor degree of 240 ECTS
Route B: 4 semesters (120 ECTS) –for candidates with bachelor degree of 180 ECTS

START: Applications: September
Start of semester: October
DEGREE: Master of Science (MSc) in Economics
FEES: Eur 4,000 per year
For distinguished candidates scholarships (up to 25%) are available and for the best ranked candidate scholarship up to 50%.
Tel:+381 11 2628 923


The objectives of this master academic study programme are:

  • Developing students’ competencies to create specialized IT project managers and staff capable of taking on more senior positions in companies.
  • Improvement of competences (knowledge and skills) of students acquired in the undergraduate academic studies in the field of business informatics.
  • Training students to adapt aptly and quickly to the aspirations of business systems for changes in the field of IT, in order to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Developing the ability to apply the available business intelligence tools to gain any business benefits in various challenging and demanding circumstances within the business system.

After successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • Create and administer databases for business information systems;
  • Actively use quantitative and informatics knowledge and skills in all areas of business;
  • Actively connect the concepts of classical statistical data analysis and modern data science;
  • Use advanced techniques and models in the field of data science;
  • Manage IT projects in accordance with PMBOK standards, develop the project management and capital budgeting skills to enable activity, programme and project costing, control and evaluation;
  • Administer organizational change caused by the introduction of information systems;

In accordance with the competences and knowledge they will acquire upon completion of this study programme, graduates will be able to pursue career in a wide range of professions such as

  • Information Systems Analyst;
  • Heads of companies in the IT industry;
  • Business System Analyst;
  • Software development and testing experts;
  • Application Support Specialist;
  • Project manager for business transformation and digitization;
  • Business IT consultant;
  • Expert in the development and implementation of information systems, solutions and services;
  • Expert in implementation of cloud-based software solutions;
  • Business system analyst using big data analytics tool;
  • Consultant in the field of development of business system solutions;


Curriculum of this programme combines fundamental theoretical courses with state-of-the-art empirical courses, which together with the internship and exposure to high-quality research seminar aims to develop modern competences and critical thinking.


Enrolment to the Route A (1 year, 60 ECTS), is open for candidates who hold at least an academic bachelor degree with 240 ECTS. Candidates who hold an academic bachelor degree with 180 ECTS (or more) are eligible to enrol in the Route B (2 years, 120 ECTS).

Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview, at which their motivation and English language skills will be evaluated. Ranking of applicants will be based on their bachelor degree performance and the results at the interview.

Application documents:

  • Bachelor degree (a copy)
  • CV
  • Language certificate competence – B2 level
  • Motivation letter (up to 500 words)
    Letter should include contact of one academic or professional reference

Admission is limited to 25 candidates.

Applications are open throughout the year. Registered candidates will be invited to formally submit documents and for the interview in September.

Candidates holding foreign degrees need to have their degrees recognised by the University of Belgrade in order to apply for enrolment. We encourage potential candidates to submit their requests for recognition by mid-July (or earlier) at the latest, in order to meet the application and enrolment deadlines, as the procedure can take up to a few weeks. At the moment, for candidates applying for IMBI programme, it is sufficient to provide evidence that the recognition process has been initiated. All relevant information about the recognition procedure can be found at the University page:


Annual fees for entry in 2023-2024 are EUR 4,000. For distinguished candidates scholarships (up to 25%of the annual fee) are available and for the best ranked candidate scholarship up to 50%.

For foreign citizens annual fees for entry 2023/24 are EUR 6,000.

The first payment (20% of the fee) is payable upon admission, while the remaining amount is payable in 4 installments:

I installment: 20% – upon admission
II installment: 20% – until December 15.2023.
III installment : 20% – until February 15.2024.
IV installment : 20% – until April 15. 2024.
V installment : 20% – until June 15. 2024.




University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics
Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 2628 923