Tourism and Hotel Management


The module Tourism and Hotel Management aims to:

  • develop competences necessary for managing and organising business operations in hotels and other hospitality (tourist resorts, camps, etc.) and tourism enterprises (convention centres, travel agencies, tour operators, ski resorts, etc.), as well as in public service departments in tourism (national, regional and local tourism organizations)
  • enable students to successfully formulate and organise the implementation of operational and tactical marketing plans of tourism and hospitality enterprises and tourist destinations
  • develop competences for planning and managing the development of tourist destinations and train students to manage the sales activities of tourism and hospitality enterprises
  • develop the research and analytical skills important for keeping up with the trends in tourism and hospitality, as well as economic performance and their integration into the business management of tourism enterprises and destinations.


After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • be familiar with the tourist industry characteristics and the tourism demand and supply specificities that are important for the management of tourism enterprises
  • understand the way in which hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and conference centres operate
  • manage hotels with different organisational forms and business activities and operations in different organisational parts of the tourism enterprise business system
  • learn about the characteristics of the touristic demand for different products, the preferences for different tourist segments and the basic elements of different tourist products (vacations, individual trips, business trips, cruises, nautical, events, etc.)
  • be familiar with the development perspectives of tourism around the world and in Serbia, the qualitative characteristics of the touristic demand and the current trends in managing different tourism enterprises and destinations
  • organize promotional activities in different channels for attracting tourists in tourism enterprises, as well as to use different tools that are important in promoting and positioning tourism enterprises and destinations
  • participate in managing the sustainable development of tourist destinations, different tourist products, developing attractions in a way that contributes to the development of tourism, different events at destinations
  • apply professional principles based on knowledge and ethical values in business management.



Within this module, students are trained to perform a large number of jobs, including the following:

  • hotel manager
  • motel manager
  • restaurant manager
  • conference centre manager
  • travel agency manager
  • manager in other hospitality and tourist organisations


The call for applications is announced by the University of Belgrade. Information is published on the website of the Faculty. Information about the Call is available at

Information about the entrance exam is available at

All accepted students are enrolled in the first year, which is common, and in the second year of study the students select modules.


The University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics enrols 900 students in the Economics, Business Management and Statistics programme, of which 610 are state-financed students. Ranking for enrolment in the first year of study is done based on the achieved success from high school and the result at the entrance exam (ratio 40:60).

The tuition fees for citizens of the Republic of Serbia range from 92,022 RSD to 121,082 RSD, depending on the success of the study, i.e. the number of points earned in the entrance exam. Tuition fee for foreign citizens: 1,500 Euros in Serbian dinars equivalent to the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment.


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