The module Marketing aims to:

  • develop the highest competencies in students in the field of marketing in all marketing application areas
  • train students to perform tasks intended for middle-level marketing managers
  • enable students to quickly engage in marketing processes and contribute to the improvement of business activities of organisations
  • educates students committed to public interest and respect for professional ethics.


After completing this module, the students will be able to:

  • Evaluate, critically understand and apply principles and theories in various areas of marketing
  • analyse the business market and the final consumption market
  • understand and use marketing mix tools
  • plan, implement and control marketing activities
  • make business decisions and solve complex problems in all areas of marketing
  • prepare studies, marketing plans and strategies, present them and analyse their application
  • evaluate the achieved results of marketing activities
  • solve problems in the application of marketing, lead projects, work in a team, apply ethical standards of the profession, etc.



Within this module, students are trained to perform a large number of jobs, including the following:

  • marketing professionals
  • market researchers
  • advertising professionals
  • public relations professionals
  • sales professionals
  • market analysts
  • marketing consultants
  • marketing advisors
  • high school teachers and teaching associates at higher education institutions.


The call for applications is announced by the University of Belgrade. Information is published on the website of the Faculty. Information about the Call is available at

Information about the entrance exam is available at

All accepted students are enrolled in the first year, which is common, and in the second year of study the students select modules.


The University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics enrols 900 students in the Economics, Business Management and Statistics programme, of which 610 are state-financed students. Ranking for enrolment in the first year of study is done based on the achieved success from high school and the result at the entrance exam (ratio 40:60).

The tuition fees for citizens of the Republic of Serbia range from 92,022 RSD to 121,082 RSD, depending on the success of the study, i.e. the number of points earned in the entrance exam. Tuition fee for foreign citizens: 1,500 Euros in Serbian dinars equivalent to the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of payment.


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