Study programmes


Undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics provide graduates with up-to-date knowledge and skills in economics, business and quantitative analysis, comparable to the knowledge and skills acquired by their peers at prestigious world universities. The programme is designed to provide a wide range of contemporary competencies, which, along with the development of a critical and analytical mindset, enables them to adapt quickly and effectively to a dynamic labour market at home and abroad.

The design of the undergraduate study programme at our Faculty is based on two basic principles:

  • International comparability – achieved through comparability of our study programmes with the programs of the world’s best universities, through the use of translated world textbooks in over 25 subjects, international professional accreditation (ACCA), and possibility of international student exchange with one of over 50 partner universities in the world, etc.
  • Practical orientation – Our study programmes offer academic excellence along with strong practical orientation, which is achieved through providing internships for all our students, numerous free innovative courses (modelling in Excel, presentation skills, etc.), participating in international student competitions, organizing guest lectures by renowned practitioners and problem analysis using real case studies, etc.

Two programmes of undergraduate studies “Economics, Business Management and Statistics” are implemented at the Faculty of Economics – one as a three-year (180 ECTS) and one as a four-year programme (240 ECTS), with 12 modules. Students are allowed to transfer from one study programme to another during the course of their studies. The study programme is set up to provide fundamental knowledge in the fields of economics, business management and statistics in the first three semesters, and from the fourth semester it is directed towards specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, after completing the third semester, students continue their studies in one of our 12 modules:

Economics and Finance

Business Analysis and Consulting

Business Informatics

Economic Analysis and Policy

Accounting, Audit and Financial Management

Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis

Trade Management and Marketing

Finance, Banking and Insurance

International Economics and Foreign Trade

Tourism and Hotel Management




Curriculum for the three new modules can be viewed here.

In addition to the programmes taught in Serbian, the Faculty of Economics also offers two undergraduate tracks in English, which are implemented under the programme of the University of London (academic direction provided by London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE) and which provide students with two degrees – one issued by the University of London (academic direction LSE) and another issued by the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Economics). These programs are:

After completing four years of undergraduate studies, students can choose to continue their education in one of 8 one-year master study programmes in Serbian or in one of four master programmes in English. Students with a three-year academic degree can continue their studies in one of two two-year master’s degree programmes in English. For more information on master study programmes, see the master studies page

More information about previous study programmes can be found here.