Entrance Exam

The ranking of candidates is based on their secondary school grades (maximum 40 points) and the success shown at the entrance exam, which is comprised of two tests. The first test asks candidates to demonstrate their general knowledge gained in secondary school (maximum 30 points). The second test is in an elective subject area (maximum 30 points; electives are mathematics, computer proficiency, basics of economics and enterprise economics). Testing is anonymous and simultaneous for all candidates.

During the past years, candidates had to receive the following number of average points at the entrance exam to be enrolled in the Faculty of Economics: 80-85/100 for students to be financed from the budget and between 65-75/100 points for self-financed students.

Foreign students who wish to enrol in the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade need to have their high-school diplomas recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia   LINK http://www.mpn.gov.rs/

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