Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences, Economics and Management, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis have been organizing master program: Macroeconomics in transition economies – Les politiques macroéconomiques dans les pays en transition. This course offers an upgrade to the knowledge on macroeconomics acquired during the undergraduate studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Economics. The program focuses on understanding of economic system, on understanding the role of institutions in the process of economic policy, on the interdependence of market structure and economic policy, on the role of international markets to national economic policy, development economic and political institutions and the specific conditions of transition. Program is designed to train students for a wide range of activities that provide knowledge in the field of macroeconomics, economics, labor and capital, economic policy and the transition process, institutional economics and globalization and the transition process, monetary and financial macroeconomics, public sector management, methodology of research and quantitative – econometric analysis.

The course participants receive 2 degrees: Graduate economist – master (Faculty of Economics in Belgrade) and Master économie-gestion (Grade de Master – Master’s degree – Diploma of the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis). Students can opt for acquiring only diplomas Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, when they are not required for French courses. Trainees have the opportunity to apply for further (PhD) studies and training in France, as well as for other forms of cooperation.Classes at the master course Macroeconomics economies in transition is provided in Serbian and French (directly or conferencelink).
Managers of the course are prof. Miomir Jaksic, prof. Bozidar Cerovic, Prof Aleksandra Prascevic, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, and for lectures and exams in French are responsible prof. Dr. Claude Berthomieu and prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Guichard, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis.


Master degree program Macroeconomics economies in transition is designed for those who wish to study in a modern way, to  improve their knowledge in the fields of macroeconomics, understanding the transition process, the creation and implementation of macroeconomic policy and its impact on business conditions.
Admission to the course is possible for all the students who graduated from any government and / or accredited college, and gained 240 ECTS regardless of the profession, after testing their knowledge relevant to the study program. For the French diploma students must have appropriate knowledge of French. For all participants will be provided textbooks in English and French.



Program Coordinator, Room 409
Faculty of Economics
University of Belgrade
Tel +381 11 3021 169