The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of economics, banking and finance, international economics, accounting, management, marketing, statistics and quantitative economics.

The Faculty’s curriculum and syllabi are constantly being updated. The European Credit Transfer System in accordance with the European Standards has been introduced as well as the system of quality control, conforming to the foreign experience.

The European Credit Transfer System is applied to all study programs at all of three cycles of education provided at the Faculty according to the Bologna process.

Academic undergraduate studies

ECONOMICS, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND STATISTICS, lasts three or four years, depending on the student’s choice.

It consists of the following modules:

  • Economics Analysis and Policy
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Marketing
  • International Economics and Foreign Trade
  • Management
  • Accounting, Audit and Financial Management
  • Statistics, Informatics and Quantitative Finance
  • Trade Management and Marketing
  • Tourism and Hotel Management

Academic Master programmes:

1. Economic Analysis and Policy
2. Accounting, Audit and Business Finance
3. Banking and Financial Management
4. Economic Policy and Development
5. Business Management
6. Quantitative Analysis
7. International Economic Relations
8. Energy Economics and Management
9. Quantitative Finance (IMQF – International Masters in Quantitative Finance) – taught in English, ranked among leading master programmes in Europe in the field of finance.
10. Macroeconomics of Transition Economies (conducted jointly with the University in Nice, France) – taught in Serbian and French.

PhD studies

Faculty of Economics offers PhD courses in its basic fields:

Economics, Business Management and Statistics.