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Challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines in the era of digitalization (acronym: DIGI4Teach).

The project coordinator is the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb.

A total of 8 partners from Croatia, Poland, Germany and Serbia will participate in the project activities. Four partners are higher education institutions: Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb (HR), Cracow University of Economics (PL), The Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences – Faculty for Management, Culture and Technology (DE) and Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade (RS) while the remaining four partners are secondary vocational school of economics: the First School of Economics, the Second School of Economics and the Third School of Economics from Zagreb, and the School of Economics, Trade and Catering from Samobor.

In order to modernize the education and training of future economists, it is particularly important to promote the use of digital learning technology in the field of vocational education. The main needs and objectives of the project include improving teaching skills and teaching methods in various economic disciplines with special emphasis on the digital age by sharing existing good practices and analyzing the use of new digital teaching and learning technologies in vocational education of economists. The exchange of good practice between project partners is expected to respond to the challenges of using digital technology in the teaching of economic disciplines and thus enable students to be more prepared for the challenges that await them at higher levels of the education system as well as in the labour market.

The project idea came as a result of activities of the Committee for cooperation with secondary schools of the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and  previous cooperation with project partners. The adoption of innovative practices in the teaching economic disciplines will empower and connect teachers in higher and secondary education, and will have a major impact in the vocational education and training sector of future economists. Given the set goals, partnerships between higher and secondary education institutions are expected to contribute to the development of teaching skills that will encourage creative thinking and further support the entrepreneurial spirit of vocational education students.

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