STRATEGIC GOAL: EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH – Capacity building for outstanding contributions in science in the field of economics, business management and statistics within the European research area.

Scientific research is one of the fundamental roles of the Faculty, determined by the Program of Scientific Research of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, and adopted by the Faculty Council, in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, Law on Science and Research and Strategy on Scientific and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

The Faculty is engaged in the development of scientific fields for which the Faculty is in charge of at the university level. Within the field of social sciences and humanities, the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics is in charge of the economic sciences, business and management.

The aim of the Faculty is for teachers to achieve relevant results within their scientific research areas, comparable to the results of researchers within the European research area.

Initiatives and activities

This strategic goal of the Faculty is implemented through six initiatives, with accompanying set of activities:

1. Raising the quality of publications

  • Increasing the number of papers published in reputable international journals
  • Increasing categories of journals in which papers are published
  • Systematic rewarding of teachers for publishing papers in prestigious international journals
  • Development of journals published by the Faculty of Economics

2. Implementation of scientific research projects

3. Creating young scientists in the field of economics, business management and statistics

  • Raising the quality of teaching in PhD studies
  • Encouraging young associates to pursue PhD studies at prestigious foreign universities
  • Scholarships for the best PhD students of the Faculty of Economics

4. Dissemination of scientific results

  • Organization of quality scientific research seminars
  • Dissemination of outstanding scientific research results among colleagues
  • Building up the capacities to enable professors, researchers and PhD students to attend international conferences
  • Implementing commercial projects based on scientific results

5. Development of scientific research infrastructure

  • Increasing the number of databases available for teaching and research
  • Upgrading the library fund
  • Creating research laboratories

6. Engaging renowned professors from prestigious foreign universities