MODERN AND INTERNATIONALY-COMPARABLE PROGRAMS – Study programmes at the Faculty of Economics are modelled on the programmes of prestigious world universities. In our programmes, over 25 courses use translated textbooks from the best American and European universities, which makes the knowledge of our students completely comparable to the knowledge of their peers from abroad.


– Our study programmes offer academic excellence but also a strong practical orientation, which is achieved through: providing internships for all students in one of over 500 partner companies in the country and abroad (which is mandatory from 2020/2021), application of practical IT tools in teaching, organization of numerous free practical courses (modelling in Excel, presentation skills, preparation for job interviews, etc.), sending students to international competitions in solving case studies, etc. At the Faculty of Economics there is also the Employers Council, which consists of nine representatives of the highest management levels in domestic and international companies and institutions, who through their advisory role ensure that the programs are continually aligned with the needs of the world and domestic labour markets.

OUTSTANDING JOB PERSPECTIVE – Over 82% of our Faculty graduates find employment within less than six months of graduation, mostly in the field of their chosen profession. The Faculty guarantees a job offer within the field of specialization for students who complete their studies within regular deadline and with an average grade of over 8.5. Our alumni hold top management positions in numerous domestic and international companies and institutions.

INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED DEGREE – The Faculty of Economics holds an international professional accreditation in the field of finance and accounting, awarded by the renowned ACCA, which confirms compliance of our study programmes with the highest international professional standards in this field. Our Faculty is also a member of the European Federation for Management Development (EFMD), which brings together the world’s best schools in business and management. Many of our alumni today occupy high positions in banks, businesses and various institutions in London, New York, Amsterdam and the like.

TWO INTERNATIONAL STUDY PROGRAMMES – The Faculty of Economics is one of the few in Central and Eastern Europe, and the only one in Serbia to offer students the opportunity to study in two undergraduate programmes of the University of London, in English, which simultaneously provide students with two degrees – University of London (academic direction by London School of Economics and Political Science) and the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Economics).

FOUR INTERNATIONAL MASTER PROGRAMS – The Faculty of Economics organizes, independently or in collaboration with renowned foreign universities, four master’s degree programmes in English. Considering also two international programmes of undergraduate studies, the Faculty of Economics is one of the higher education institutions with the largest numbers of international study programmes in English in our country.

STUDENT MOBILIY – Students of our Faculty have the opportunity to spend one semester at one of over 100 partner universities in the world, where they will take a number of exams which will be recognized upon their return.

STUDENTS’ START-UP COMPANIES – Our Faculty, through its Start-up Centre, supports students to turn their business ideas into start-up companies. Selected student teams receive work space in the Faculty building, as well as mentoring support from our professors and professional managers, in starting their own businesses.

TRADITION – The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1937. So far, over 50 thousand students have graduated from our Faculty, while 4 thousand have completed master’s degrees, and over 800 candidates have obtained a doctorate in economic sciences. With over 7,000 students and 120 eminent professors, located in the heart of the city, our Faculty is one of the leaders in economics, business and quantitative analysis in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition to high scientific references, our professors also have vast practical knowledge and experience gained through research and teaching visits and studying at world universities, as well as through engaging in important functions in reputable companies and government institutions.

CREDIBILITY – The Faculty of Economics is not scandalized. The Faculty of Economics does not occur in bad stories and never compromises on quality and high academic standards.

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