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PhD – 1984, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade

Маster’s degree – 1980, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade

Diploma – 1977, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service

London (Imperial College; Chelsea College of Science and Technology) (1985)

Guest professor: Iraklion (University of Creta) (1994-1996), Thessaloniki (University of Macedonia) (1997), Patras (University of Patras) (1999-2000)

Fields of teaching and research

Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Proof Theory, Non-Classical Logics, Social Choice Theory

Courses taught

Mathematics, Mathematics 2, Маthematics 1-М, Methodology of Scientific Research, Mathematics and Modelling for Finance, Mathematics 1-D, Systems Theory 

Key references (publications and projects)

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