Sustainable Development Club

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As the new generation of future global-leaders, it is our job to make a positive change in the world that we live in. This club comes as a result of pure intention to contribute to the concept of sustainable development gaining overdue attention in developing countries. Our goal is to make sustainable development as important of a factor as return on investment and economic growth are at the moment, therefore shifting the focus from exclusively profits to also social and environmental impact.

We are aiming to gather a group of motivated students who recognize the value of the issues raised, organize regular meetings and trigger discussions on a variety of topics, which, if fruitful enough, will bring us to making small changes in the right direction. The meetings will be supported by a number of guest speakers, who will encourage enthusiasm and critical thinking, while helping us realise where we stand with the issues raised, not only on the global level, but also nationally and locally, while putting an emphasis on the Faculty of Economics, where we see the primary opportunity for making a contribution.

What makes the club unique is that we will analyze the relevant issues through current affairs, stay up to date through research and group activities, follow the global trends and highlight globalization as an important asset. This way we intend on making certain ideas and actions mainstream. This is a great opportunity for networking of like-minded students, who strive to reach their full potential in the classroom as well as out of it. We aim to think on a larger scale, with an emphasis on growth of multinationalism; therefore all of our meetings will be held in English.

The project is supported by the Centre for Corporate Relations of the Faculty of Economics.

Meet our team

Roy Elal – Founder & President

Nikita Marković – Vice President

Ksenija Đikanović – Head of Logistics & Communications

Mia Sinobad – Head of Operations & Strategy