EKOF Case Study Club

EKOF Case Study Club is an integral part of the Center for Corporate Partnerships of the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. The club was formally established in 2018 and it represents a unique platform which is bridging the gap between academics and real-life business in order to both prepare students for numerous international competitions and accelerate their careers.

Every year, a new generation of approximately top 40 students is selected. The programme lasts for 2 years and is focused on practical and technical skills needed in the business world, as well as applying already acquired academic knowledge to real life business problems. The workshops are held by lecturers who are mostly experts in the field of financial consulting, as well as guest lecturers from different industries. In order to fully prepare students for case study competitions, the initial workshops are focused on building the basic presentation skills, analytical reasoning and using tools such as Excel and Powerpoint. Later on, the programme consists of the 2-months blocks which are dedicated to application of the advanced tools and analysis in Marketing, Management, Finance and Trade. In order to boost the performance on the case study competitions, the club hosts internal case study events and tournaments at the end of each semester, providing the members with the opportunity to practically apply the acquired skill sets.

The Club is proud of its members, who have won numerous awards in the last years. For 5 years in a row, our members have been winning the Regional level of the CFA Research Challenge, the most prestigious competition in financial analysis and valuation, whereas in 2020, the team managed to place itself among the top 4 universities of the EMEA region. Apart from the financial case study competitions, the club has exceptional results in the strategic analysis, winning various competitions, such as P&G CEO challenge, Battle of mind BAT, eStudent Zagreb, Make it Bright – JTI, and numerous local challenges