The Faculty of Economics operates as an independent higher education institution within the University of Belgrade. Its founder is the Republic of Serbia. The main governing bodies of the Faculty are:


The Council is the Faculty governing body. It has 23 members, 15 of whom are the Faculty representatives, 4 are appointed by the Serbian Government and 4 are elected by the Student Parliament. Out of 15 Faculty representatives, two are elected from among the non-teaching staff.


The Dean is the executive body and the leading figure of the Faculty. The Dean is assisted by the 2-4 Vice-Deans. Apart from the Vice-Deans who are elected from among the teachers, one Vice-Dean is elected from among the students.

Academic-Scientific Council

The Academic Council (ASC) is the highest professional Faculty body. The ASC is comprised of all teachers and teaching assistants employed. Also it comprises representatives of the student parliament when discussing teaching issues. The ASC also makes decisions in a special composition as the Election Council in electing candidates for teaching positions (the composition depends on the type of elections).

In decision making the ASC rely on proposals prepared by its standing committees and chairs.

Students’ Parliament

The elections for the members of the first Student Parliament were staged in the winter semester in 2006. The students enrolled in the study programmes of the Faculty of Economics elect their representatives in the Student Parliament directly, by secret ballot. The elected representatives make decisions within their frame of reference, as stipulated by the Statute and Law. The basic task of the Student Parliament is to enable the articulation of students’ interests and partnership in addressing the issues concerning their studies.

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