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МSc degree- 2014, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University.

BSc degree- 2011, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University.

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate/public service

Sakura Scholarship, JT International and the Japanese embassy in the Republic of  Serbia, December 2013.

The award for the best internet business idea, competition I-business, NGO I-Serbia and the Association of economy journalists, October 2012.

The award of the University of Belgrade for the best scientific paper in the field of social sciences entitled “Economic and ecological aspects of managing oil and oil derivatives in the function of modern energetic management”, September 2012.

The award of the Foundation Milan Stefanović-Smederevac and wife Darinka for the best scientific paper in the field of management at the Belgrade University entitled “The importance of tourism management”, September 2012.

The scholarship for talented pupils and students of the Municipality of Užice, 2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11.

Fields of teaching and research

Enterprise economics, entrepreneurship.

Courses taught

Enterprise Economics

Key references (publications and projects)

Čeliković, Z. (2015). The influence of the entrepreneurial acting perspectives on the economic country development, coauthor, 17th EBES conference, Italy, ISBN: 978-605-84468-3-0, pp. 1677-1684

Čeliković, Z. (2015). Model of value creation through managing supplier relationships in “Creating value: theoretical and practical aspects” (Kaličanin, Đ., Lončar, D., Bogetić, Z., Todorović, M., editors), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade University, ISBN: 978-86-403-1433-6, pp. 19-34.

Čeliković, Z. (2014). Models and strategies for social entrepreneurship development- experience of Serbia and chosen European countries, coautor, 14th EBES conference Istanbul, ISBN: 978-605-64002-6-1, pp. 2750-2764.