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PhD – 2013, Faculty of Economics – University of Belgrade

Маster’s degree – 2006, Faculty of Economics – University of Belgrade

Diploma – 1999, Faculty of Economics – University of Belgrade

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service

During the study she used several scholarships from:
• the Ministry of science and education
• Jugopetrol
• Republic foundation for the development of scientific and artistic youth
• Serbian academy of sciences and arts- Fund Dragoslav Avramovic
• the Royal Norwegian Embassy

In 1996 she won the award for the best student of the first year; In 1999 from the Dragicevic fund- prize for the best student of the University of Belgrade.

Certificate- Маster’s course- 2004, The New Europe Master in Banking and

Entrepreneurship, Scuola Superiore di Specializzazione, Treviso, Italy

Member of Scientific Society of Economists in Serbia.

Fields of teaching and research

monetary policy, banking, European central bank, convergence in EMU

Courses taught

Monetary economics, Bank business and payment operations, Lecturer at the Brokerage course in cooperation with Serbian SEC

Key references (publications and projects)

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