BSc Economics and Finance


‘BSc Economic and Finance’ is an undergraduate programme of the University of London (academic direction by The London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE), which is delivered at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business, leading to two parallel degrees – one degree awarded by the University of London (academic direction by LSE) and one degree awarded by the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business (UB-FEB). The London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE, providing the academic direction for this programme, shall develop syllabuses, prepare the study materials, and be responsible for the assessment of the students within this programme, while the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business would provide respective teaching (in English) and support for the programme.

This programme offers outstanding career opportunities, in international organizations, financial institutions, public sector, non-for-profit organizations or academia. Modern design of the programme and its strong quantitative focus also provides excellent foundations for those who want to pursue postgraduate studies, either in Serbia or at the top foreign universities.


TITLE: BSc Economics and Finance
DURATION: 1 year UB-FEB + 3 years UoL (LSE) (240 ECTS)
START: Applications: September
Start of semester: October
DEGREE: University of London (academic direction by LSE) : BSc Economics and Finance
University of Belgrade -Faculty of Economics and Business: Graduate Economist
FEES: Approx. EUR 2,200 per year (payable to UoL)
None – for domestic students; EUR 1,500 per year for foreign students
Scholarships are available for top candidates



  • Developing economic reasoning, quantitative skills and institutional knowledge required by financial economists;
  • Combining in-depth studies in economics and finance, providing the students with the analytical tools from the fields of mathematics, statistics, economics and econometrics together with the institutional knowledge required to work as a financial economist;
  • Develop competences to solve practical problems arising in finance, as well as excellent analytical skills;
  • Training graduates for further studies as well as for a career in investment banking or in financial markets;

After successful completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • Understand the key issues arising in the area of finance;
  • Understand economic principles and be able to apply them to address issues in finance;
  • Develop economic arguments in a logical manner and think in a critical manner and evaluate an economic argument;
  • Apply economic principles and quantitative techniques to the analysis of economic and financial data;
  • Apply economic reasoning to the analysis of a wide range of policy issues.

Graduates from this programme will be able to pursue career in a wide range of professions, which require strong analytical skills, including, but not limited to, the positions of financial economist in an academic environment, financial sector – investment and commercial banking, risk management, research, fund management or securities trading, or government and corporate sector.

Graduates of the programmes will have a sound basis for careers in a wide range of areas from major corporations to small businesses, government organisations, the voluntary sector, international organisation and the media.

Successful completion of a degree will allow a student to progress to postgraduate study in the degree field or a related area or to undertake further professional qualifications.


* Students of the UB-FEB who passed the exams in Mathematics and the Foundations of Statistical Analysis in the first year of undergraduate studies are exempt from taking the Mathematics 1 and Statistics 1


The programme “BSc Economics and Finance” can be enrolled by:
1. Candidates who have completed the 1st year of studies at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business;
2. Candidates with the secondary education degree earned abroad; and
3. Candidates who are already students at a higher education institutions abroad.
Admission to the programme “BSc Economics and Finance” is competitive and subject to availability of places on programme. Admission is limited to 40 students.



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