Upon Graduation


IMQF graduates are in very high demand even in these times of crisis, both in Serbia and abroad. In part this is due to the world-class training in finance and economics, in part it is due to the great track record that IMQF alumnae have, and in part, also, due to very strong ties that IMQF graduates forge during their intensive program. As a result, IMQF Alumnae is, by now, a very select and power force.

Most IMQF graduates work in the financial industry, primarily in the areas of risk management and financial analysis. One can honestly say that IMQF graduate are increasingly providing the backbone of the Serbian financial industry. IMQF graduates are in high demand, also, with public institutions such as National Bank of Serbia and Ministry of Finance of Serbia. In addition, they are successful in gaining employment abroad. Companies like Goldman Sachs and UniCredit Group regularly consider our graduates for internships and employment (and have already hired a few). Our graduates currently work, among many other places, in: Goldman Sachs (New York), Goldman Sachs (London), Deutsche Bank (Berlin), UniCredit Group (Vienna), Raiffeisen Bank (Vienna), Unica Insurance (Vienna), EBRD (London), Barclays Bank (London) and many others.

IMQF provides a great stepping stone for an academic career in Finance. One of our graduates is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Finance, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA. Our graduates have completed or work towards completion of their PhDs in Finance at the London School of Economics, INSEAD, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Swiss Finance Institute. The best IMQF students have an open invitation to join the PhD program at the prestigious Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain. Last but not least, many IMQF graduates attend the PhD program at our Faculty. Whether you want to advance your professional or academic career in Serbia or abroad, the IMQF will help you realized your full potential!