IMQF Principles


The main goal of the IMQF program is to help create a new breed of financial experts. The IMQF stands for excellence not only in knowledge but in the character of the individual as well.


At the IMQF program, we strongly believe that success in life, as well as in our program, can only come from hard work and consistent effort on bettering oneself.


The IMQF program provides a rigorous approach to studying finance and economics, attacking challenging programs head-on rather than just describing them. As such, the IMQF program has no peer in the region of South Europe. In you are ready for an arduous yet rewarding journey of discovering the often hidden connections between various finance phenomena, the IMQF is the program for you.


In order to solve problems, rather than just talk about them, you need the proper set of tools. At the IMQF program, we give you state-of-the-art tools that will help you understand all of the important aspects of finance and prepare yourself for a highly successful professional or academic life.


Finance is a very practical discipline. At the IMQF program, our teachers are not only leading academics but, also, have great business acumen and practical experience. They will teach you how to use advanced analytical tools to solve real problems facing businesses and regulators.