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PhD – 1987, Faculty of Economics, University of  Belgrade

Мaster’s degree – 1984, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Diploma – 1980, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrad

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service

Award by the Association of RFR Belgrade for extraordinary results in the group of accounting and financial subjects  – cash prize during studies

Award by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce for the best Magister Scientific thesis

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in London – scholarship of the Ministry of Science

Member of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia. Member of the Supervisory Board  of the Scientific Society of Economists of Serbia  (2006 –     )

Member of the Council of the Faculty for several mandates

President of the Commission for master studies

Vice Dean for Science and Research at the Faculty (2012 –    )

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Bilansiranje i  poslovne finansije

Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Facta Universitatis – series: Economics and Organization (2012 –    )

Member of the Program Committee for organizing the Symposium of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia (lectured in specialized courses for chartered accountants organized by the Association).

Fields of teaching and research

Courses taught

Cost Accounting, Internal Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Organization of Accounting Information System, Cost Management. 

Key references (publications and projects)

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