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PhD – 2006, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Маster’s degree – 1996, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Diploma – 1989, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service

Editor in chief of the Quartely Monitor (2011-)

Member of theCouncil National Bank of Serbia (2008-2012)

Member of  Economic Council of the Prime-Minister of Serbia (2008-2012)

Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance – for fiscal and macroeconomic policy (2007-2008) Vice-Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (2003-2004)

Fields of teaching and research

Public finance, Fiscal policy

Courses taught

Public finance (undergraduate) and Intermediate public finance (master), Fiscal policy (master), Monetary-financial stability and development (master)

Key references (publications and projects)

Savić G., A. Dragojlović, M.  Vujošević, M.  Arsić M. Martić  (fortcoming) “Impact of the efficiency of the tax administration on tax evasion, Economic research

Schneider, F., Krstić (esd) (2015) ” Formalizing the Shadow Economy in Serbia: Policy Measures and Growth Effects”, Arsic, M.  co-author, Springer Verlag

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Arsić, M. Nojković, S. Randjelović and S. Mićković (2012) „Strukturni fiskalni deficit i dinamika javnog duga Srbije“ (Structural Fiscal Deficit and Public Debt Dynamics in Serbia),  str. 144, (editor: Arsić, M.), Ekonomski fakultet u Beogradu  ISBN: 978-86-403-1249-3 (In Serbian)

Arsić, M., (2010) „Poreska politika u Srbiji: pogled unapred“ (Tax policy in Serbia: Looking Forward), (editor: Arsić M.),  USAID i FREN, ISBN: 978-86-912915-1-8 (In Serbian)

Arsić M. (2012) „Fiskalna politika i oporavak privrede Srbije“  (editor: J. Bajec), NDE, AEN i Ekonomski fakultet u Beogradu ISBN: 978-86-403-1292-9 (In Serbian)

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Arsić M. (2010) „Reforma javnog sektora“, pp. 140-176, Postkrizni model ekonomskog rasta i razvoja Srbije 2011-2020“, (Koordinator: J. Bajec), USAID, FREN i Ekonomski institut, ISBN: 978-86-912915-3-2 (In Serbian)

Arsić, M., Z. Mladenović, A. Nojković i P. Petrović (2005) „Makroekonometrijsko modeliranje privrede Srbije: teorijske osnove i rezultati“, CES Mecon, Beograd, ISBN:86-7985-009-8 (In Serbian)

Arsić, M., Z. Mladenović and P. Petrović (2001)  “Macroeconomic stabilization in the FRY”, WIIW, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies


Estimation fiscal multipliers for panel Central and Eastern European Counties, (2013-2014), Fiscal Council

Co-autor „Proposal measures for  fiscal consolidation 2012-2016”, Document

Fiscal Council Republic of Serbia (2011-2012)

Assistance to the Ministry of Finance related to preparation of the fiscal responsibility rules, to be included in the Law on Budget System (2009)

Co-ordinated and Co-authored a number of studies within the „Transition and economic recovery of Yugoslavia” (2000-2001)

Co-authored a number of studies and projects in the following areas:

– macroeconomic stabilization

– public finance policy

– finance sector reforms

– external debt consolidation and restructuring

– frozen foreign currency bank saving

– telecommunication sector reforms