Конкурс за посао у компанији „Bank of China Serbia”

In accordance with the needs of the work, Bank of China SRBIJA A.D. (hereinafter referred to as „the Bank“) is now publicly recruiting one or two business personnel, The relevant recruitment matters are announced as follows:
I. Recruitment Position Information: One or two business personnel, engaged in relevant work in Banking Department or Operation Department, etc.

II. Basic Qualification Conditions

(1) Abide by laws and regulations, be honest and trustworthy, have good personal qualities and professional ethics;
(2) Bachelor’s degree or above, majoring in economics, management, finance or other related fields; fresh graduates are also welcomed.
(3) No banking-related work experience is required. Relevant training and career guidance will be provided by the bank;
(4) Strong Serbian and English listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities are required;
(5) Applicants are required to be diligent and meticulous, have a strong sense of responsibility, stress resistance, and good learning abilities; possess excellent teamwork spirit, communication skills, and innovative awareness;
(6) Knowledge of Chinese language is preferred.

Send your CV to service.rs@bankofchina.com by June 10, 2023.

We look forward to your participation!