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Born in Aleksandrovac in 1952. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 1975 as the best student in the generation. Obtained an MSc degree at the Faculty of Economics, Belgrade , got a PhD degree at The Faculty of Economics, Kragujevac University.Previous positions: teaching assistant, Institute of economic science, Belgrade, 1976, assistant professor, The Faculty of Agronomy, Cacak, 1985, associate professor, 1990, full professor, 1996.

Current position: professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade (1996- ) – subjects: Banking (undergraduate and Master studies), Monetary Economics (PhD studies). Manager of post-graduate studies courses: Monetary, banking and financial management; Banking and financial management.

Professional improvement and advanced training: Great Britain (1984, 1997), USA (1986,1988/89, 1994, 1996). Granted a Fulbright scholarship for post-doctoral studies in Monetary Economics, in the USA ( Stanford University ). He was granted a Fulbright advanced research scholarship in the USA in 2002.

Other professional activities: he was the associate dean for finance twice at the Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak. Member of scientific section of Serbian Economist Association since June 1991. Member of the editorial board of Ekonomska misao (Economic thought)and Panoeconomicus. Secretary of Scientific Society of Yugoslav Economists (November 1992). Nominated as a member of the Federal Government Economic Council in July 1992, and again in July 1993. Nominated by the Federal Parliament as a member of the Council of the National Bank of Yugoslavia in 1993 (until 1998). Nominated by the Federal Government as a member of Securities Commission in 1994 (until 2000). Took part in two international research projects for the requirements of the World Bank and the European Union.

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