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June  2009,  Phd  thesis  title:  »Asymmetric  Information  in  Financial  Markets«  University  of

Belgrade, Faculty of Economics

July 2005, Master of Science, thesis title: »Choice under Uncertainty«, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics

October 2002, Bachelor in Economics (emphasis in Finance and Insurance), GPA 9,81 out of

10,0, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics.

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service


December 2011: Award for the best Phd thesis in Economics in Serbia in 2009-2010 (Awarded by Scientific Society of Economists)

March 2002: Royal family Karađorđević Award for 100 best students in Serbia

2001, Award by Serbian government for 1000 best students in Serbia

September 2000: Norway Government Award for 1000 best students in Serbia


May 2013: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie December 2012: Fulbright postdoctoral scholarship June 2009: BASILEUS

January 2008: Sasakawa fellowship

Visits to foreign universities

February 2014-May 2014: Ohio State University, USA April 2010: University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France April 2009: University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France August 2008: University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy

March 2008 – April 2008 : University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France

April 2007: University of Coimbra, Portugal

February 2007 – April 2007: University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France


English-fluent, French-fluent.

Fields of teaching and research

Asymmetric  information,  Game  theory,  Auction  theory,  Experimental  economics,  Matching, Microeconomics of uncertainty, Network Externalities.

Courses taught

In Serbian: Undergraduate (Microeconomics I, Industrial Organization) Phd (Microeconomic analysis I, Microeconomic analysis II)

In English: Master IMQF- Microeconomic

In    French:    (Double    degree    program    with    the     University    of    Nice,     France) Undergraduate: Microeconomics and Industrial organization (2008 and 2011)

Master: Growth and Dynamic Systems (2007)

Key references (publications and projects)


Auctions (2012), Faculty of Economics, Belgrade (in Serbian)

Exercises  for  Micreoeconomics  (2012),  with  S.  Babić,  M.  Milovanović  and  B.  Stojanović,

Faculty of Economics, Belgrade.

Recent papers in journals

Bojan Ristić and Dejan Trifunović, (2014): Horizontal Merger and Weak and Strong Competition

Commissions, Economic Annals, 202, 69-106.

Dejan Trifunović, (2014): Auctions with Resale and Indicative Bidding, Economic ideas and practice, 14, 61-73.

Dejan Trifunović, (2014): Sequential Auctions and Price Anomalies, Economic Annals, 200, 7-42.

Dejan  Trifunović  and  Bojan  Ristić,  (2013):  ”Multi-unit  Auctions  in  the  Procurement  of

Electricity”, Economic Annals, 197, 47-78.

Dejan Trifunović, (2012): ”Altruism and Egoism in Behavioral Game Theory”, Economic ideas and practice, 5, 7-20.

Dejan Trifunović, (2012): ”Experimental Research of the Winner’s Curse in Common Value

Auctions”, Economic ideas and practice, 3, 7-20.

Dejan  Trifunović,  (2011):  ”Single  Object  Auctions  with  Interdependent  Values”,  Economic

Annals, 188, 125-170.

Dejan  Trifunović,  (2010):  ”Optimal  Auction  Mechanisms  with  Private  Values”,  Economic

Annals, 184, 71-112.

Recent conferences

Irena  Janković,  Marija  Jovović  and  Dejan  Trifunović,  (2015):  ”Catastrophe  Bonds  as  an Instrument of Catastrophic Risk Management”, XIII International Insurance Symposium: Catastrophic Risks and Sustainable Development, Aranđelovac, Serbia, 5.6.-7.6., str. 371-394.

Bojan Ristić and Dejan Trifunović (2014): A Three Stage Dynamic Game of Merger with Incomplete  Information  on  Competition  Commission’s  Type,  28.10.-31.10.,  Saint  Julianus, Malta.

Dejan Trifunović, Jelena Kočović and Marija Jovović,  (2014): Asymmetric information and

Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets, SYMOPIS, Divčibare, 16.9.-19.9, Serbia.

Jelena Kočović, Vesna Rajić and Dejan Trifunović, (2014): Measurement of Catastrophic Risks and Models for Managing these Risks, XII International Insurance Symposium: Risk Measurment and Control in Insurance, Aranđelovac, Serbia, 6-8 June.

Dejan Trifunović et Nikola Njegovan, (2014): ”L’impact d’investissements directs de l’Union Européenne sur la compétitivité extérieure des économies des Balkans et de la Serbie en particulier”, Conferénce: Les Relations entre l’Union Européenne, la Russie et les Balkans à l’Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, le 6 et le 7 mai 2013.

Bojan Ristić and Dejan Trifunović, (2013): Strategic Interaction between Merging Companies and Competition Commission, Eurasia Business and Economics Society, September 12-14, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Jelena Kočović and Dejan Trifunović, (2013): ”Understanding the Essence of Insurance Product as the Condition for the Development of Insurance Market in Serbia”, XI International Symposium: The Market of Insurance and Reinsurance, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia, 13-16 june.

Dejan Trifunović and Bojan Ristić, (2012): Optimality of English and First-price Auction in Serbian Privatisation, Conference: From Global Crisis to Economic Growth, Which Way to Take?, Faculty of Economics Belgrade, 20.9.-22.9., Serbia.

Mladen  Stamenković  and  Dejan  Trifunović,  (2012):  ”p-Beauty  Contest”  with    Differently

Informed Players: An Experimental Study, ISSES, September 9-12, Lisbon, Portugal.

Dejan Trifunović and Bojan Ristić, (2011): The Role of FDI in the Dynamics of Competitiveness of Serbian Economy, Eurasia Business and Economics Society, June 1-3, Istanbul, Turkey.

Resarch projects

2005-2010 – Ministry of Science of Serbia: Development of Financial Markets in Serbia.

2010-2015 – Ministry of Science of Serbia: Risks of Financial Markets and Institutions in Serbia- Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Approach