Conference “Inequality and Social Protection in South East Europe”

The conference titled “Inequality and Social Protection in South East Europe” was held on October 22, 2018 at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade.

The workshop was opened by Sasa Randjelovic, vice-dean for finance and international cooperation of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade, Jelena Zarkovic, Director of the Foundation for the Development of Economic Science and Will Bartlett, visiting associate of the European Institute of the London School of Economics

The conference presented the results of the project “Diverging welfare state trajectories and income inequality in four former Yugoslav republics”, which is supported by the Atlantic Fellows and Social and Economic Equity program implemented by the newly established International Institute for Inequalities of the London School of Economics. Representatives of colleagues from Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia in the area of ​​social protection and inequality were presented and the conference was attended by representatives of the European Commission, Regional Cooperation Council and European Training Foundation.

Participants: Ana Milicevic Pezelj, Enkeleida Tahiraj, Gorana Krstic, Ivana Prica, Jelena Zarkovic, Merita Xhumari, Mihail Arandarenko, Mitja Cok, Nermin Oruc, Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski, Nikolina Obradovic, Paul Stubbs, Sasa Randjelovic, Tena Prelec and Will Bartlett.

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