Belgrade Young Economists Conference (BYEC 2019)

23.06.2019, ,

You are cordially invited to apply for the 2019 edition of the Belgrade Young Economists Conference (BYEC 2019). The Conference has been organized since 2011. In previous years the Conference has attracted participants from several leading European and American universities as well as central banks. It has proven quite rewarding for young researchers. It provides an efficient way for a small group of select advanced PhD students and recent PhD graduates in all fields of economics and finance to present their research and obtain in-depth feedback on their work through interaction with a group of distinguished international scholars led by Professors Boyan Jovanovic (New York University) and Assaf Razin (Cornell University and Tel Aviv University).

The BYEC conference is organized by the Faculty of Economics (University of Belgrade) the oldest and the most reputable institution for higher education in the area of economics in this part of the world, in partnership with UniCredit Foundation (Milan, Italy). The UniCredit Foundation supports research and education in economics and finance in all countries of the UniCredit zone of operation. For the BYEC conference, the Foundation each year provides the UniCredit Foundation Best Paper Award to the amount of 1500 EUR. In addition, it offers limited travel grantsfor qualified participants (on a competitive basis).

The goal of the meeting is to help young researchers polish their papers before presenting them at the job market or submitting them for publication in reputable international journals. Another important task is to build a vibrant network of young researchers. The conference is small (up to 12 papers) and entrance highly competitive. Each paper is assigned a total of one hour. The presenters have approximately 30 minutes to present, 20 minutes is allocated to a senior discussant and 10 minutes for questions from the audience. This allows budding researchers to receive in-depth feedback on their work from senior researchers who have published in the leading international journals and taken active participation on the international academic job market.

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