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PhD – 2007, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Master’s degree – 2004, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Diploma – 1999, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Awards, grants, certificates, memberships, corporate / public service  

Membership in Serbian Scientific Society of Economics. Referee in Panoeconomicus and Economic Annals (2011 onward).

Fields of teaching and research

Applied Econometrics, Applied Time Series Analysis, Micro-econometric and Macro-econometric Modelling

Courses taught

Econometric Time-series Analysis, Econometrics, Basics of Econometrics, Cross-section and Panel Data Econometrics, Econometrics Methods and Models, Applied Time Series Analysis

Key references (publications and projects)

“Monetary policy rule in inflation targeting emerging European countries: A discrete choice approach”, Journal of Policy Modeling, Volume 37(4), 2015, pp. 577-595 (with P. Petrović)

“Growth and Industrial Policy during Transition”, Economic Annals, Volume LIX (201), 2014, pp.7-34 (with B. Cerović and M. Uvalić).

Applied Time Series Analysis, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, textbook, 2012 (coauthor Z. Mladenovic).

Book of Problems in Econometrics, Faculty of Economics, Belgrade, workbook, 2011 (coauthor Z. Mladenovic).

Structural Fiscal Deficit and Dynamics of Public Debt in Serbia (editor M. Arsic), Faculty of Economics, CID, Belgrade, monograph 2012 (coauthor).

Position of the Most Vulnerable Population on the Labour Market in Serbia (editor G. Krstic), UNDP Serbia, Belgrade, monograph 2010 (coauthor).

Macroeconometric Modeling of Serbian Economy: Theory and Empirical Results, CESMECON, Belgrade, monograph 2010 (coauthors: M. Arsic, Z. Mladenovic and P. Petrovic).

“Inflation Persistence in Central and Southeastern Europe: Evidence from Univariate and

Structural Time Series Approaches”, Panoeconomicus, Volume 59(2), 2012, pp. 235-266 (coauthor Z. Mladenovic).

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