Mission And Vision


Faculty of Economics and Business is leading school of economics, business and statistics in South-East Europe, internationally recognized, attractor of talented and motivated students, incubator for student employment, collaborative environment open to knowledge transfer, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, business and state advisor, socially responsible partner that fosters general welfare.


Faculty of Economics and Business is a student-centric environment, providing outstanding learning, research, practice and engagement experience for future aspiring employable leaders, capable of resolving complex economic and business challenges in a real-world setting.


• Diversity – we promote equal opportunity and fair treatment for all, regardless of status, age, ethnicity and gender;

• Academic freedom – we advocate for autonomy, open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity, and freedom of thought and expression;

• Cutting-edge knowledge – we pursue academic excellence in discovering, preserving and disseminating purposeful insights, practical and theoretical knowledge;

• Integrity – we promote ethical behaviour and develop ethical and responsible leaders committed to the common good;

• Leadership – we are committed to excellence, have spirit that nothing is impossible and strive for continual innovation in education, research, and entrepreneurship;

• Collaboration – we grow together with our academic and business partners by exchanging ideas, experience and knowledge;

• Common good – we appreciate natural environment and care for demands of all our stakeholders;