Inheriting the tradition of the High School, the University of Belgrade, ranking among 2% of the best world universities, in September 2015 will mark 207 years of its foundation.

The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1937 as the Graduate School for Economy and Trade. Since then, the Faculty has grown into the most eminent scientific and educational institution in the field of economic sciences in our country. Approximately 1500 students are enrolled each year at the undergraduate studies. To the present, over 42000 students have graduated from the Faculty since its foundation, more than 2800 Magisterium / Master’s degrees have been issued and around 740 PhD dissertations have been defended. The teaching process is managed by 133 professors and associates, together with 25 foreign visiting professors. There are 76 members of administrative staff.

Degree of the Faculty of Economics is recognized locally and internationally. Our experts perform highly responsible duties in companies throughout the Region, and in international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and international financial corporations.


The Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade is dedicated to the education and research work in the field of economics. Its primary objective is to disseminate knowledge, develop scientific disciplines and provide future experts with the competence and skills required by the contemporary economic development and market economy. The Faculty provides outstanding education to future economists, economic analysts, managers, financial experts, auditors, economic policy creators, economic statisticians and researchers.