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About the Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade is a renowned academic institution dedicated to the education and research work in the field of economics. Its primary objective is to disseminate knowledge, develop scientific disciplines and provide future experts with the competence and skills required by the contemporary economic development and market economy. The Faculty provides outstanding education to future economists, economic analysts, managers, financial experts, auditors, economic policy creators, economic statisticians and researchers. The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate studies in the fields of economics, banking and finance, international economics, accounting, management, marketing, statistics and quantitative economics.

The Faculty’s curriculum and syllabi are constantly being updated. The European Credit Transfer System in accordance with the European Standards has been introduced as well as the system of quality control, conforming to the international experience.

The study programme Economics, Business Management and Statistics, follows dynamic changes in the economic environment meeting the demands of enterprises, economy and state institutions for new competencies, knowledge and skills required from the economists. The study program is multidimensional and modular, designed and structured so that it goes from general to individual and specific skills offered to students from the fields of: economic analysis and policy; finance, banking and insurance; international economics and foreign trade; marketing; management; accounting, auditing and financial management; commercial management and marketing; tourism and hotel industry; statistics, informatics and quantitative finance. Besides creating competent and educational profiles required on the work market, able to get employed fast, the purpose of this complex and multidimensional study programme is enabling students to continue their studies on master, specialist and doctoral studies in the field of economics, business management and statistics.

Since the academic year 2006/07, the Faculty has been organizing the new, Master Programmes in accordance with the hitherto reforms of its Undergraduate Studies. These programmes last one year and upon their completion students obtain 60 ECTS points (previous magisterium programmes lasted two years). After two cycles of the studies – Undergraduate and Graduate (Master), students gain 300 points, which is in conformity with the modern European practice.

Since the year 2008 the Faculty organizes the new Doctoral Studies. The new system requests the enrolment of PhD candidates, taught subjects and constant work with teachers during the elaboration of their dissertations. All students who enrol in the PhD Programme have to attend a specified number of lectures in the relevant research methodology and work on the specified programmes, which are adjusted to the candidates’ scientific interests.