Call for application – BSc Economics and Finance and BSc Business and Management 2020-21

Call for applications to enroll in University of London program (academic direction LSE)

BSc Business and Management and BSc Economics and Finance

performed at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and which provides students with two degrees

Candidate registration for 2020/21 by September 23, 2020.

Students submit the documentation by e-mail to

Within 24 hours, the student receives an e-mail confirmation of receipt of documentation. If he does not receive feedback within the specified period, the student can call 069 8066 388.

Required documentation:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Certificate of English language proficiency (submit a scanned copy)
  3. Statement of compliance with the rules of study

The right to enroll in this program have students of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, generations 2019/20 and 2018/19, who in the first year of study achieved at least 48 ECTS, passed exams in Mathematics and Basics of Statistical Analysis and have a certificate of English , which is recognized by the University of London (list of certificates given at

I selection step: The commission at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade considers applications and ranks candidates based on the results achieved in the first year of study, as well as on the results of the English language test. The number of points, on the basis of which the ranking will be performed, will be calculated according to the following formula: 75% weight – study success (sum ECTS x Grade) and 25% weight – success on the English language test.

The enrollment quota is 60 students (30 students in each of the listed study programs). Candidates who are below 30 places on the list, within the desired study program, can subsequently transfer to another study program, if there are vacancies on it.

Selection step II: All selected candidates will receive a single Application Validation Code (AVC) from the Faculty, without which it is not possible to complete the online application in the University of London system. Selected candidates apply independently through the University of London system, with the technical support of the Faculty of Economics (a short training for the application process will be organized, at the Faculty or online). The final selection of candidates is made by the admissions committee of the University of London. After processing the application, the student receives a notification about the results of the selection and if he can be accepted, he receives an offer (Offer Letter) with further instructions for enrollment / registration in the program, as well as the availability of materials, access to the student portal, online resources and the like.

The online application can be accessed via the link:

Before filling out the application, be sure to read the Application Instructions, at the link

Before applying, read the information on the conditions given on the official website of the program

and documentation to be entered into the online application form and to be prepared in a timely manner (passport image, certified photocopies of language certificates, certified copies of translations of the high school diploma and transcript of grades):

Keep in mind the application fee of GBP 101, which the student pays to the University of London via online or offline payment. Details on the method of payment can be found at

This amount cannot be refunded.

After passing all the exams of the first year of study at the Faculty of Economics, as well as all the exams provided by the University of London program, students gain the opportunity to obtain two diplomas – one issued by the University of London (LSE academic direction). In order to automatically exercise the stated rights to two diplomas, students are obliged to respect the valid rules of study, about which they sign a Statement of Respect for the Rules of Study.

If after the enrollment of candidates who are students of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, there are vacancies, for enrollment in vacant places in this program can apply and candidates who are not students of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, and who would gain the right only to a degree from the University of London. These candidates pay a fee to the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, for attending classes, in the amount of 375 euros per subject.


  • Application at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, for the first round of selection: until September 23, 2020 (ending on September 23, 2020 until the end of the day)
  • Publication of the ranking list of candidates: 24.09.2020.
  • Application for the online system of the University of London, for the second round of selection (online application): until 30.09.2020.

Contact for additional information: